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Its sad how political debate on the Internet has devolved with the rise of social media over the years. There is absolutely no worse offender than Facebook. Facebook has a major sharing crisis. People are posting less and less content. Content is what ultimately drives people to social networks.

To combat the trend of declining sharing, Facebook has implemented a number of mechansims. The first one was the website embdeded share button, which made it easy for people to post content from external sites. The second was the “like button,” which is basically one click sharing. Then Facebook introduced the ability to re-share content from your feed, making easy for posted content to go viral.

All of these advances have made it very easy for people to share information. So what’s the problem?

The ability to easily share other people’s content on social networks has led to a decline of political debate on the Internet. When is the last time you saw someone post something political on Facebook that was original content? People are no longing expressing their own thoughts and views, instead they are simply reposting cookie cutter content that is designed to be eye catching, but rarely ever does it actually inform.

Contrast today’s state of deterioration with the “old days” of blogging. The vast majority of content posted on blogs was original content. Sure, people reposted pictures and linked to other websites, but it usually included original content that built upon the parent post. The length of that content went far beyond 140 characters or an awkward picture with a catchy headline.

The real tragedy in this onslaught of unoriginal content is that good information is being drowned in a sea of “shares,” “likes,” and “retweets,” by people have never written a single original thought online. Its no longer about crafting a clever argument, its simply about re-sharing as much crap as possible.

I’ve really been getting a kick out of the people who are on the street protesting a wild array of issues. Most of the protesting is done under guise of “spending,” but it really seems that uneducated white people are angry, but they are not quite sure what to protest. Some mention healthcare reform, but yet they have no idea what plans are being discussed in congress.

The “bailout” seems to be a common complaint among the protesters, which seems really strange to me considering the bailout has worked to perfection. These people have no idea how bad it could have been.

Perhaps my biggest issue with the teabaggers, is the overwhelming irony that many of them benefit from government employment and/or programs. Some of the most ardent neoconservatives I know have government jobs, benefit from government programs, or are on some form of government assistance.

Its going to be very interesting to see how this affects the political landscape in the short and long term. None of the whackjobs out on the street voted for Obama, but they do vote. The handful of moderate republicans have to be worried. Conservative democrats will definitely have problems too. It will be very interesting to see how this fear affects voting for issues like healthcare or immigration reform.

Obama might have trouble getting help from moderates, who would be rightly afraid of reprisals come election day. From a national standpoint, a more conservative shift in the Republican party will only benefit the Democrats in the long term.

CPAC is the annual convention for “conservatives,” and it show cases everything that is wrong with the “convervative” movement today. I’m using “conservative” in quotes, because the modern day conservative movement is not true to its roots. The true conservative ideals of fiscal responsibility and small government have long been swept away in favor of what we have today, a political ideology based on ignorance, religious fundamentalism, corporate welfare, unsustainable tax cuts, and unsustainable defense spending.

It looks like Blagojevich will become the latest in a long line of corrupt politicians from Illinois. Its quite ironic, considering he obtained the office by replacing another corrupt Governor.

I find it really amusing that people are already attempting to tie Obama to this scandal. I don’t think most people realize how stupid they look when they try to do character assassination by association, especially in this particular case. Here is my favorite quote from the legal complaint.

“Later in the conversation, ROD BLAGOJEVICH said he knows
that the President-elect wants Senate Candidate 1 for the Senate seat but “they’re not willing to give me anything except appreciation. Fuck them.” “

Its right in the 78 page legal complaint, but people today can’t be bothered with reading boring legal documents.

I’m sure the partisans on the right will paint Blagojevich as Obama’s BFF. Hmm, how did that work out with Resko and William Ayers?

The American people are not as dumb as some people think they are..

Obama has a lot of people to thank for his decisive victory over John McCain this week. One demographic that was critical for Obama was newly registered Democrats and independents.

People like me switched registration to Democrat in order to support Obama during the primary race. States like Pennsylvania require party affiliation in order to vote in the primary.

Now that the election is over, I have no real reason to remain registered as a Democrat. While I’ve been an early and loyal supporter of Obama, I don’t really have a lot of respect for most of my local and state Democratic politicians. I refuse to support or vote for Democrats like Ed Rendell and Paul Kanjorski.

For a long time, the Republican party was boosted by Democrats who changed registration to vote for Ronald Reagan. Reagan Democracts are long gone, thanks to the idiotic policies of the last eight years.

Can the Democratic party hang on to Obamacrats like me? Time will tell, but the Republican party will need to do a complete 180 in order to appeal to Obamacrats. If politicians like Palin are the future of the Republican party, than the Democrats don’t have much to worry about.

If John McCain is to have any shot at winning the election, he needs to win Pennsylvania. Any feasible winning state combination for McCain includes Pennsylvania. The state of Pennsylvania has not voted for a Republican president since Ronald Regan.

Can John McCain win Pennsylvania? “You betcha.” More than any other state, race will play a factor in Pennsylvania voting. Pennsylvania has the second oldest population in the country, only surpassed by the state of Florida. The older a voter is, the greater likelihood of race being a factor in their voting decision.

The polling shows Obama leading in Pennsylvania by 7%, but that number will definitely tighten before Tuesday. Oddly enough, if McCain loses the election he can point to Sarah Palin as the #1 reason why. Palin has completed destroyed any support McCain had among the educated suburban white middle class women voters of Pennsylvania. McCain’s desperate attempt to appeal to women voters has completely backfired.

No matter who you intend on voting for this Tuesday, it is imperative that you go out and vote. This will be the most important election of your lifetime.