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John McCain first pushed a federal suspension of gas taxes for the summer. After a few days, Hillary Clinton jumped on the bandwagon, showing once again that she will do anything to get elected.

By supporting the gas tax suspension, both candidates show a complete lack of basic economic knowledge. Any college freshman who was semi-awake through ECON 101, would know that a suspension of the gas tax would just increase demand, and sustain or raise gas prices.

Not surprisingly, there is a chorus of economists criticizing the gas tax suspension plan.

Where is Barack Obama on this? He was smart enough to know that a gas tax suspension was completely stupid, and he was heavily criticized for it. Bravo to Obama for not following the herd of stupidity.

John McCain is an honerable guy, but I find his lack of economic knowledge frightening. Hillary Clinton? She would support anything if she thought it would lead to more votes.

How She Won

I can’t say I’m surprised Hillary won Pennsylvania, since I predicted she would win a month ago.

How did she win?
Its really quite simple. Outside of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is filled with old uneducated white people.

Its Obama’s worst demographic. These people are not hard to spot. They will use code to explain why they are not voting for Barack Obama.

  • “He is unpatriotic.
  • “I don’t like what that preacher guy said.”
  • “He is a muslim.

Its funny, I don’t recall anyone accusing John McCain or Hillary Clinton of being a Muslim. McCain’s and Clinton’s patriotism is not a campaign issue. Nobody is not voting for McCain or Clinton because of something somebody else said.

So why is Barack Obama being judged differently by old white people?

Ahh the elephant in the room..

It must be because he is “young.

The good news is Barack Obama will win North Carolina and Indiana. After that, even Hillary Clinton might have to admit defeat. Obama should also be congratulated for eating away at the 20 point deficient.

The long awaited Pennsylvania primary is this Tuesday. The odds are stacked against Barack Obama in PA, because independents and republicans cannot vote for him in this primary. Most people I know are supporting Barack Obama, but they are unable to vote for him on Tuesday due to the arcane election laws of Pennsylvania.

I have already outlined the many reasons why I’ve supported Obama for over 18 months. For those undecided PA voters who are registered Democratic, here are my top 5 reasons not to vote for Hillary this tuesday.

#5. Hillary will do anything to get elected.

Hillary and Bill Clinton have demonstrated that they will do absolutely anything to get elected. Their relentless pursuit of power at all costs is despicable.

#4 Hillary’s plans are flawed

Instead of making your vote based on sound bytes, take a look at the Clinton issues page. Health care? Her plan has HMO and drug company fingerprints all over it. End the war in Iraq? Hillary Clinton voted for the war, and has misjudged the war time and time again.

#3 Special Interests will continue to rule

A vote for Clinton is a vote for special interests. Reform and Clinton do not exactly go together. If you want 4 more years of a president working hand in hand with special interests, then fell free to vote for Hillary.

#2 Look at who is supporting Clinton

If you actually look at the PA superdelates, its interesting to see who is a pledged superdelegate for Clinton. Ed Rendell, a complete failure as governor, is the most high profile Clinton supporter from PA. John Murtha and Paul Kanjorski are supporting Clinton as well. Basically, all the corrupt legacy Democrats are supporting Hillary. Coincidence? Hardly, they know if Hillary gets elected she will return the favor by doing their bidding.

#1 You’re wasting your vote

Hillary Clinton has almost no chance of actually winning the nomination. Voting for Hillary is essentially voting for McCain.

The ABC News “Debate” seemed more like a poorly executed hitjob against Obama.

Since when is a politician required to wear a flag lapel pin? For the record, anyone who wears a flag lapel pin is a douchebag. Its such a phony act of patriotism. You can love your country without dressing up like Toby Keith.

The ABC news comment section for the debate coverage is closing in on 10,000 negative comments.

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