Monthly Archives: February 2006

Sun Microsystems was an early backer of the AMD64 architecture, back when it was still a bold move to support AMD for server class hardware. Not surprisingly, SUN offers AMD64 builds of the Java JDK and JRE. The actual JDK runs great, but the AMD64 versions are inexplicably missing some critical desktop pieces. The browser plugin is not included with the AMD64 JDK. Also missing in the AMD64 JDK is java webstart functionality.

AMD64 Plugin Support is one of the top 5 requests on Sun’s issue tracker. The issue was originally submitted THREE YEARS AGO.


I’ve been using the development version of Ubuntu Linux (codename: Dapper), for a few months now on all my desktop machines. When its released, Dapper should spur a lot of growth for Ubuntu.

The amount of toys available to try in Dapper is really something else. Everything interesting in Linux desktop development is available pn the Dapper repository. Of course, the default applications will probably be what 90% of users actually run, but there are a lot of emerging apps that make Dapper fun.

One thought I had today was how far Gnome has come along over the years. When I first started really getting in to Linux, I was a KDE user. Then I switched from KDE to XFCE. Since the 2.x series, I’ve been using Gnome with no complaints. Most of the interesting desktop development seems to be taking place on Gnome, or at least GTK powered applications.

All the major media outlets are reporting that the ratings for the winter Olympics are way down. Even though they are down, NBC will still make a few hundred million dollars thanks to pre-purchased advertising.

While the games this year has been really lackluster, the biggest problem I have is with the coverage. I don’t know what fantasy world NBC executives are living in, but today we have near instant reporting of sporting event results from around the world. Why the hell would I want to watch a tape of something on TV that happened 10 hours ago, when I already know the result?

In 1992 I was watching the Winter and Summer Olympics live on a C-BAND satellite. Its 2006, and I’m expected to watch Olympic events on a television, taped, poorly edited, and full of commercials? No thanks!

Well its mid-February, usually by now there is a permanent covering of snowfall in Pennsylvania. Instead of snowfall, we have been enjoying daily high temperatures averaging in the 50’s up till last week. Last night, we finally got a decent snowfall.

In NBA news, there is an interesting article in the Washington Post about the current situation in Philadelphia. The real failure of the 76ers, is not placing a good team around Allen Iverson. You need to have players that compliment Iverson. The last time Philly had a team that complimented Iverson, they made it to the NBA finals.The current team surrounding Iverson is a joke. Webber is a great player, but a terrible match for Iverson. Igadola is a rising star, but his play is inconsistent and he is a shooting guard. Philly really needs a point guard. The SF position is nonexistent between Salmons and Korver. The only player that is a good match for Iverson is Dalmembart, the rest of the team should be traded away.

Finally, it sickens me how spoiled Philly fans are when it comes to the spectacular play of Iverson. This guy has not lost a bit, since he came in to the league 10 years ago. When it first became obvious that he would be a superstar, people said that he wouldn’t last five years before loosing it. People said that he simply tried too hard, fell down too many times, was too small, etc. etc. Its ten years later, he is still falling down 10 times a game, and he is still performing phenomenally.

I can’t believe the Bush Administration doesn’t take more heat for their anti-science behavior. First off, the administration takes every effort to dismiss global warming. “Its just a theory,” and they will never actually call it global warming, its referred to as “Climate Change Theory.” Every time I hear some brainwashed Bush supporter tell me that global warming is just a theory, I want to drop a cinder block on their feet and say, “gravity is just a theory.”

In all sorts of government agencies where some science still manages to exist, the administration has placed political appointees to control the communications. So a story broke last week about how a young Bush appointee at NASA was trying to modify a paper on global warming.

Well the story doesn’t end there, this is yet another story scooped by the research of bloggers. It turns out that the Bush appointee didn’t even have a college degree, even though his resume for the job stating that he had a 2003 journalism bachelor’s from the university of Texas.

The sad part is, even if he did have a degree, how bad is the state of our government when we have political appointees 2 years out of college with a journalism degree editing the scientific papers of PhD’s?