Treo Bluetooth DUN

This weekend I’m staying at my father’s house, who despite owning a tractor with air conditioning, is probably the LAST person I know without high speed internet of some form.. In his defense he still has free dialup for an ISP I worked for back in the day and he lives on a farm that is one of only 2 houses on a 3/4 mile dirt road..

Knowing that I would be bandwidthless for a few days, I finally got motived to get a bluetooth dialup networking setup between my Getnoo powered laptop and the Treo 650. I added some info to my little howto here.

I’m getting about 20-30K/S, which is pretty darn good in such a remote area. I’m looking forward to trying this out in an area that is EDGE enabled. I really have a sense of total connectivity, now I can connect my laptop from anywhere I get cell access.