Dell Doubts Desktop Linux Demand

Michael Dell, certainly not known for being first to market with any technology, doubts that their is much potential demand for Desktop Linux. To some extent I have to agree with him. Desktop Linux is not ready for the mass market. Dell already offers Redhat support on most of their workstations and servers, although its certainly not promoted. The biggest opportunity for desktop Linux is still the budget PC and corporate markets. Dell gets windows licenses for peanuts so the cost difference would be marginal at best.

Desktop Linux has a long way to go but with projects Like Ubuntu, its getting closer everyday to becoming a reality. As far as Michael Dell’s attempt to predict product demand, he is the same person who said there was NO DEMAND FOR OPTERONS. Three years later, Dell is the only big name not selling Opteron based workstations and servers.

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  1. Alan Ralph May 29, 2005 3:34 am 

    No surprise there, and yet more evidence that Dell are linked at the hip to both Microsoft and Intel. Will it start to hurt them in the long run? Possibly.

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