Election Blotter

3:49 Looks like 4 more years of hell, time for bed.
3:37 Looks like its in the bag for bush but at this point it may never end.
3:20 Chocolate rasberry cake and Pelligrino
3:12 Bush might declare victory tonight, regardless of ohio and iowa
3:02 Bush is ahead in new mexico and nevada
2:50 Linus is sick of cnn
2:33 Make that 249 – 242 with Hawaii
2:31 249 – 238 in favor of bush its going to be a long night.
2:28 Edwards speach over, he said every vote is going to count. Looked pretty fatigued.
2:26 Edwards is going to speak
2:24 fatigue is setting in, the ohio gap is still 100k+ strong
2:09 Bush has over 100k with 97% reporting in ohio
1:58 NV looks like kerry country, Iowa is having machine issues
1:36 There is not accurate count on the provisional ballots out there, worst case scenario is a 11 day waiting period until ohio counts the provisional ballots.
1:13 2.48m 2.36m in favor of bush with 89% in. There could be 200k provisional ballots out there. Ohio could be a mess
1:08 Very slight chance that it could be an electoral tie, but then the house would vote for Bush.
12:55 Doesn’t look good for Kerry
12:43 Faux news gives ohio to bush, not looking good for kerry
12:34 Ohio: Bush 2.3 Kerry 2.2
12:22 Barak Obama will be the first black president of the united states within 12 years.
12:15 Ohio is getting closer, whoever gets 2.3-2.5 in Ohio is going to win the election.
12:00 Midnight, its still up the air but not looking great in ohio.
11:45 its official bush gets florida, spector wins pa senate
11:17 ASV predicts florida goes to Bush šŸ™‚
11:02 Spector now has a slight lead
10:50 Its official, PA goes to Kerry
10:30 Nothing new with the presidential race but I’m scared that Spector may loose his PA Senate seat.
9:25 First pot of coffee for the night
8:55 ASV’s Prediction: Kerry gets Ohio and PA. Bush gets Florida
8:50 Florida looking good for Bush at this point
8:40 PA looking for Kerry
8:15 Ohio and PA exit polls look good for Kerry.
8:10 Florida looks even with a slight Bush advantage in the exit polling.
7:45 CNN still boasting about how their stats and display systems are so much better than 4 years ago.
7:30 Grilled Sea Bass and Crab stuffed mushrooms, yum..

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    Did you have sea bass for dinner?