Open Source Calendaring

Last year, there were several announcements for open source tools designed to become Microsoft Exchange alternatives. Novell’s Hula Project and Zimbra, are the two most high profile efforts for a viable Exchange alternative.

While developing an exchange replacement is a valiant pursuit, I have not seen a project that can function as a calendar alone. Today, I installed Zimbra, since it seems to be the most mature product on the market.

Zimbra is really slick, its a combination of a bunch of open source tools in to one easy to manage solution. If I were setting up e-mail and calendaring for new company, Zimbra would be high on my list. The problem with Zimbra is that it will not function as a standalone calendar.

A lot of organizations do not want to replace their e-mail solution, they are simply looking for a calendaring solution that is interoperable with outlook and the popular open source calendaring clients.