Its been over year since the start of the OpenSolaris project, so I decided to take a look at where the various derivatives are at this point in time.

I managed to download and install Nexenta, in less than an hour. It’s still only an Alpha at this point, but the install process was certainly the easiest time I’ve ever had with Solaris.

Think of Nexenta as Ubuntu running on the Solaris kernel. The look is very similar, and of course it has apt, but it also has a lot of Solaris features that are either not seen on Linux, or poorly imitated. Nexenta has ZFS, zones, and dtrace. which are the most appealing Solaris features for me personally.

What impressed me about Nexenta was the speed of bootup, and the overall speed of the OS. Its hard for me to compare it to other operating systems when running it under VMware, but it seems to be lot quicker than say the Solaris builds I ran in VMware a few months ago.

This could really take off, especially looking at it from server perspective. If I could run this on standard hardware without device issues, and get the major attractions of Solaris in a Debian like package, I would definitely use it.

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  1. Brad C July 20, 2006 11:32 am 

    I have Solaris 10 (just did a re-install of 06/06) on one of my machines here and it is pretty slick. I have been keeping my eye on Nexenta since it was first announced. The benefits of running Solaris with an apt package management framework is huge.

    For some reason the installer never works on my machines, even the one already running Solaris 10. I do have it running in Vmware though.

    Even more interesting is that they are working on Xen on Solaris, which will be prett cool.

    There is definetely a lot to like with Solaris (ZFS, zones, smf, dtrace, etc.)

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