I managed to resist blogging about the newest war in the middle east for weeks, but I just can’t contain myself any longer.

Israel has made a great mistake by attempting to disable Hezbollah by carpet bombing Lebanon, killing thousands of innocent people. Governments cannot fight insurgencies and resistance movements through conventional warfare.

A minor incident, the kidnapping of two soldiers, has now turned in to all out war, with millions affected and thousands of innocents killed. There is simply no justification for the reaction of Israel.

The Bush Administration has made a huge tactical mistake yet again. The United States could have stopped this conflict in the very early days. The Arab reaction would have positive, and for once, our country might have actually made some positive political capital in the Arab world.

Instead, Bush gave the Israelis carte blanche, and now the Arab world hates the United States even more. This miscalculation has brought more power to Hezbollah, Hamas, Iran, and Syria.
All of the organizations and countries we want to weaken, the actions of the US and Israel are now strengthening.

Instead of neutralizing Hezbollah, the United States and Israel have created a situation where most of the Muslim world is now supporting Hezbollah. The US created a climate where the reaction of Israel became viable. There is simply no way this would have even been a viable option for Israel, without the current climate set by Bush.

When the US invaded Iraq, the administration did more to boost terrorist recruitment than any action Bin Laden could ever possibly conceive. The Israelis and the US are now finishing the job by creating a situation where ordinary Muslim people now support Hezbollah. Even non-muslins are now pledging support for the resistance against the actions of Israel.

You cannot fix political problems with military solutions. The damage of the past few weeks is going to last for generations. Every Israeli bomb creates 1000x more Hezbollah supporters.