The Abernas Saga Continues

Some of you may remember my posting about the Abernas product, the $7000+ device that comes with the worst technical support and quality control I’ve ever experienced.

A few weeks ago, a drive went down on this device. Naturally, we had the foresight to buy a spare drive in case of such an event.

The day the drive went down, we got an RMA and overnighted the drive to Aberdeen. Ten days later, no replacement drive and no contact from Aberdeen. So today, I call to find out the status of the RMA, and low and behold Aberdeen just received the replacement from the manufacturer.

Aberdeen does not hold ANY inventory of drives for service replacements. So when something breaks, customers have to wait till Aberdeen receives a replacement from the manufacturer of the drive.

What kind of operation is this company running? We could probably get better support from some guy selling servers out of a van, down by the river..