Bravo! Google Removes Tips

Google has removed the tips “feature.” Here is a screenshot of my experience with tips last week.

Google Tips

I was searching for the webcalendar homepage to check on the status of my bug report, when Google decided to push its own calendar service.

Its great to see that Google hasn’t totally abandoned its founding principles, and it actually listens to its employees. There is something to be said for any company that actually takes action based on the opinions of its employees, because very few actually do.

That being said, in most cases if an employee publicly blogged in a critical manner about his/her employer’s practices, 9/10 they would be fired on the spot. In this case, it helps to be very well known, and have the clout of being the “Firefox lead.”

The PR department at Google would never want to see “Google fires Firefox Creator over Blog,” in the press. Google has fired people in the past, for blogging about Google.