Second Hype

Second Life has to be most hyped online game in history. I’ve read all types of drooling stories saying that Second Life is going to revolutionize online gaming, etc, etc. Its a cute idea, but Second Life is certainly not original, it just seems like an extension of the Sims Online concept. EA came out of with an online version of the Sims nearly 5 years ago, and it was a flop. Millions of people tried the Sim’s online, and subsequently dropped it.

second life

The problem with nearly all these online environment games is they are way too time consuming. Most people don’t have enough free time to excel in Second Life. What happens? People try it out, drop it, and the people with way too much free time do well.

One of my favorite blogs, Valleywag, confirms one of my long held suspicions. The usage figures for Second Life are deceiving.

Now that Linden is publishing actual user numbers, we can see that the Residents figure, as expected, is a big overcount over actual people (about 50% inflation, in fact, accounting for over a million ersatz users). Second Life doesn’t have two million users. They have had two million users over the life of the service, and they’ve lost most of them. Of those users, the majority — something like 5 out of 6 — bailed in the first month.