Gates is Right on Immigration

Bill Gates has spoken out again in favor of sensible immigration reform, and the Slashdot crowd rants and raves about how Gates comments are part of a self-serving agenda.

Certainly Microsoft would benefit from allowing more educated immigrants in to the United States, but our whole country would benefit. Throughout our nation’s history, we had a very liberal immigration policy, especially concerning skilled workers.

In order for the United States to maintain our economic position in the world, we need to have a sustainable competitive advantage when it comes to our pool of skilled labor. Anyone with graduate degree should be allowed to become a US citizen. The more we lose out on skilled immigrants to other countries, the more our economy will struggle in the long run.

There is a multiplier effect too with the aging of the baby boomers. If we do not start importing talent from other countries soon, the economic penalties will be much greater in the future. Unfortunately, just like Medicare, social security, and global warming, our government seems to be willfully ignorant when it comes to critical long term problems facing our nation.