Mavs vs. Suns

steve nash

The Dallas Mavericks played the Phoenix Suns tonight, and the Suns won the game after a double overtime. Steve Nash won the game for Phoenix with his heads up play and leadership.

While Dallas is certainly the best team in the league, every time I see a Suns vs. Mavericks game, it reminds me of how stupid it was for Mark Cuban to let Steve Nash go for very little money.

Steve’s Nash’s contract with Phoenix is not very lucrative, given his multi-MVP status. Steve Nash is due to make $10,500,000 this year. Compare that to Jason Terry, who is not even close to being at the level of a Steve Nash. Jason Terry is due $8,100,000 this year.

In the past, Mark Cuban has made some lame excuses as to why he didn’t resign Nash, basically blaming everyone but himself. The fact of the matter is, Mark Cuban is completely at fault for letting Nash go for so little money. I doubt he will ever admit the mistake, Mark Cuban generally displays the behavior of an insecure egomaniac who lives vicariously through the ownership of his NBA team.

Cuban certainly deserves credit for revitalizing the Mavericks franchise, and famously selling the worthless to Yahoo for mint.

While I agree with Cuban when it comes to Youtube, it also seems like he really has a vendetta against Youtube. Maybe its because Youtube delivered the Internet video revolution that failed to bring?