Feeling Iraq

Since its been over four years since the start of the Iraq war, how has the life of your typical US citizen changed? Unless you are close to someone who is serving in the armed forces, chances are that your life is no different than the pre-war days.

The war seems to be something people watch on TV; a perpetual March madness. People keep score by watching CNN, just like I check ESPN for the latest basketball scores. Anymore, people just seem to be suffering from war coverage fatigue. Remember when the death of a soldier was a major story? Now 5 can die in one day, and most Americans don’t flinch.

If there is one lesson we should take from this Iraqi war adventure, in the future we need to make ordinary citizens sacrifice during wartime. If we want to prevent future wars of choice, the US congress should pass a law requiring all significant military actions to have a drafting of men under the selective service act.

A mandatory draft during wartime would accomplish a few goals:

  • It would make politicians think twice before approving the use of force.
  • It would bring the war to the home front, making ordinary US citizens more wary of the use of force.
  • It would prevent a shortage of troops during wartime.
  • It would increase the socioeconomic diversity of the armed forces.