Apple Delays OS for iPhone

I can’t say I’m surprised, but I’m highly annoyed that Apple has delayed the next release of OSX because of the iPhone. The more I think about the iPhone, the more I dislike the position Apple has taken.

The lack of Third party applications is a real killer for me, and Steve Job’s lame excuse for not opening up the iPhone leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth. The lack of a removable battery is just Steve Job’s way of screwing consumers over, plain and simple. There is no engineering justification for the lack of a removable battery.

The fingertip interface make be “revolutionary,” but its essentially useless for people who write e-mail, or send a lot of text messages. The highly touted keyboardless interface is like having a laptop with just a mouse, its pretty useless for text composition.

But wait, it has a music and movie player! Besides the rare occasion of showing someone a funny youtube clip, I have zero use for watching a movie on my phone. The only time I watch a movie on the road, is when I’m either in a hotel room or on a plane. Why would I watch a movie on my phone, when I can fire up my laptop?

Music would be semi-useful when I don’t have my ipod, but its not worth a $500+ price tag. Especially, when I have to plug a cable to sync my $500 phone, after bluetooth syncing for five years.

In other news, Palm announced plans to release a Linux powered Treo. This is an odd announcement considering Palm dumped Palmsource years ago, which was developing a Linux powered Treo.