Mo’ Troops Mo’ Problems

Earlier this week George W. Bush held a press conference where he spoke of the need to increase the size of the military in order to execute the “war on terror.”

The size of our military is more than adequate to fight the battle against Islamic terrorism. However; our military is not large enough to occupy a large country in mist of a civil war for years, while fighting the war on terror.

Iraq has nothing to do with the war on terror. It never has, and it never will.

If you ever believed that Iraq had anything to do with the war on terror, you’re an idiot. Its as simple as that. If you think that the war in Iraq somehow prevented a post 9-11 terrorist attack, you’re an idiot. The whole “fight the terrorists over in Iraq” revised justification for war is simply ludicrous. The war in Iraq has not made this country any safer.

So now, after almost four years, and getting close to a trillion dollars, we are still in Iraq with no end in site, and no sign of progress.

The idea of making progress in Iraq seems to be almost comedic at this point, it would be nice if things just didn’t get worse.

During the 2006 election, Bush kept mentioning the ISG. How he was waiting for the ISG’s report in order to make sweeping strategy changes in Iraq. The ISG report comes out, and Bush doesn’t like what it has to say, so he dumps it. Now, Bush starts mentioning a host of other reports and groups he is waiting for in order to make some sort of decision. Some decision, other than the “stay the course” b.s. he has spouted since “Mission Accomplished.”

After reading the news on a daily basis, I just keep wondering to myself, has our president ever read a WWII history book in his life? Does he think that FDR and Eisenhower sat around for 6 months, waiting for a series of reports in order to make strategic decisions?

The commander in chief needs to make immediate decisions based on observations on the ground.

The length of the war in Iraq has already exceeded US involvement in WWII, which I’m simply unable to fathom given the scale of US involvement in WWII.

The fact is, the time to bring in more troops to fix Iraq was two years ago. We should have added more troops in 2004, when even John Kerry said there should be 40,000 more combat troops on the ground(Probably the only smart idea Kerry pushed during that campaign). Its too late for more troops at this point.

More US troops will not fix the genocide going on in Iraq.

Training more Iraqi troops doesn’t do the country much good either, while the Iraqi leadership is inept, corrupt, and backed my the militias who are executing the genocide in the first place.

It doesn’t take a four star general to see that this war is lost. Early on, this war was winnable(2003-2004), but decisions made by the white house and civilians at the defense department have made this war unwinnable. Our commander in chief’s complete inability to make decisions and changes based on situations on ground, made this war doomed from the start. There is no “Stay the course” method of military strategy. You react quickly to changing situations.

In the future, I hope we learn(again), that the Powell doctrine of overwhelming initial force is the best way to conduct a war. Its quite ironic that Powell was a cabinet member during the start of the war, but the president chose to ignore his sage advice on hundreds of major policy issues.