Disaster Recovery

How important is your web presence? Is your company’s business model based solely on the web? Are you an equipment manufacturer touting high reliability?

If the reliability of your web presence is even slightly important, you might not want to gamble your entire web presence on one colocation center. Hundreds of big name companies have been down throughout the day thanks to a power outage at a high end data center that couldn’t handle the power requirements of its customer base.

Its amazing how much faith companies will put in to colocation centers, with very little auditing. The fact of the matter is, most colocation centers cannot handle a prolonged power outage, due to the cooling requirements. The data center in question in one of the highest end in the country, yet it couldn’t handle a simple power outage.

Its amazing to think that large e-commerce companies would be dependent on one data center, with no process for site failover. Its simple inexcusable that a company like Sun Microsystems, would be dependent on one datacenter. Why the hell doesn’t Sun run their own datacenter(s)?

Is your company’s web presence dependent on the availability of one data center? Most companies don’t have a plan b. If they do, it hasn’t been dusted off in a few years. At the very least, an e-commerce company, and any fortune-1000, should be able to failover to a backup site in 1 hour. Anything more than an hour, is grounds for the CIO’s dismissal.

There is simply no excuse.