Rendell Pushing for I-80 tolls

Ed Rendell, the second term governor of Pennsylvania is at it again trying to gouge the citizens of Pennsylvania. You might remember his attempts to sell off the turnpike earlier this year. The sale of the turnpike is still on the table, but now Rendell is trying to turn I-80 in to the turnpike.

Apparently this was passed in July, but its caught most Pennsylvanians like me off guard. Any state politician who voted for Act 44 should be thrown out of office. Turning I-80 in to a toll road will be devastating to the economy of Northern PA. The measure was done ZERO study and NO input from the citizens of Pennsylvania.

There is simply no valid reason for creating new toll roads in Pennsylvania. Instead of expanding the realm of state government, maybe Rendell should try cost cutting for once in his life? Other states have more roads, maintained in better condition, with less money. If Rendell insists on creating a toll road, why not make the Schuylkill expressway a toll road? Especially considering that the main motivator behind this bill is to fund SEPTA. Why not have tolls to fund SEPTA, paid by people who might actually be able to use SEPTA?

Stealing money and killing the economy of central and northern PA to fund Philadelphia’s ineptly run mass transit system makes absolutely NO SENSE.