In Rainbows

Many years ago on, I proposed that artists should take charge of their own electronic distribution and promotion, instead of depending on record companies. Bands like Phish started doing this years ago, and now Radiohead has made a big splash with its pay “whatever you want system.”

I reluctantly paid $12 for “In Rainbows.” I was reluctant because there were no details on what format the music would be distributed in, then yesterday I get a notification from Radiohead that the tracks were available as 160k MP3’s!

This is a revolution? Your giving me digital music at a sound quality that is not even close to reaching the level of a CD, a format that came out 20 years ago. Nice try Radiohead, but 160k MP3’s are not going to cut it. Give me lossless, or at least offer an affordable CD option.

This is why I continue to buy CD’s. Commercial digital music quality is simply horrible.

One positive note, the album is actually very good.