Hillary Fails the Name Test

The other day I was asked, “If you think Bush is the worst president in over a century, why don’t you join the democratic party?” My answer was simple, I would not consider joining a party that could potentially nominate Hillary Clinton for president.

Hillary Clinton is the second worst candidate in the entire field of republican and democratic candidates. The only worse candidate is Rudolf Giuliani. What are Hillary’s political achievements? What are her accomplishments as a member of the senate? Voting for the Iraq war and the Patriot act?

Hillary Clinton has a lot in common with George W. Bush. They both supported the invasion of Iraq, and they both got elected to political office because of their last name. Hillary fails the name test.

The name test is really easy. Take the candidate’s last name, and change it. Now ask yourself, would that candidate be in the same position they are today? George W. Bush and Hillary Clinton fail the name test miserably.

Do your country a favor, don’t ever be fooled in to voting for someone because of their last name.