Early Withdrawl?

Its interesting to see how John McCain has adopted the Bush Iraq policy. Before General Petraeus gave his slide show to congress this week, McCain tried to portray an Iraq withdrawal as reckless.

There is absolutely no such thing as early withdrawal from Iraq. The Iraq war has gone on for over five years, with absolutely no end in sight. Getting the hell out of Iraq is way overdue.

The US government still lacks a timetable. In the fall when Petraeus took over, he said that a timetable would be unacceptable because of the dangerous conditions on the ground. With his most recent testimony, Petraus is saying things are going too well to be spoiled by a timetable. I guess he wants to have his cake and eat it too.

McCain is taking a page from the Bush playbook by pushing fear. Fear of the unknown. The idea that the withdrawal of US forces from Iraq will destabilize not only Iraq, but the entire Middle east. I hate to break the bad news to Senator McCain, but destabilizing the Middle East is what we did by foolishly invading Iraq in the first place.

The US backed Iraqi government is completely corrupt. Removing the entire established government and military and starting over is the only path to “victory,” but its also completely unrealistic.
At this point, anytime we leave Iraq is going to be bad. It doesn’t matter how long we wait, its going to be ugly.

Mr. McCain declared that the United States is “no longer staring into the abyss of defeat.’’ Instead, he said, America “can now look ahead to the genuine prospect of success.’’

Can anybody provide me with a clear definition of success in Iraq? I’ve looked at McCain’s policy page for Iraq, and there are absolutely no benchmarks for success. In fact, there is no long term policy items inside McCain’s “Strategy for Victory in Iraq.” The fact is, McCain doesn’t have a long term policy for Iraq. There is no path to success, because we cannot even define it.

The Iraq war will never be a success. The sooner we have a commander in chief that realizes that, the better off the United States will be. We need to president who will go in to “damage control” mode, and make the cleanest and timeliest exit from Iraq. Barack Obama is the only presidential candidate who will get us out of Iraq in a clean and timely manner.