Twitter is not as dumb as I thought..

I must admit, when Twitter came out two years ago, I though it was absolutely stupid. If you’re not familiar with it, Twitter is a social networking site where people post short status updates called “tweets.”

They can be very mundane or boring, but you can track your friends various observations as they go about their day. Companies, nonprofits, politicians, and even NASA rovers are publishing tweets. The term “microblogging” covers the primary functionality of Twitter.

The Facebook status function is a direct ripoff of twitter. When Facebook introduced their own “microblogging” features, I figured Twitter’s days were numbered, and it would end up being the friendster of microblogging.

I’ve actually started using Twitter for the past few days, and I’ve grown to like it. Especially with the Facebook integration plugin, WordPress plugin, and the Iphone twitter client. Now when I publish a status update in Twitter via my Iphone, my Facebook status and blog is updated automatically.

While I’ve come to slowly embrace Twitter, and the silcon valley crowd has been addicted to tweeting for quite some time, I don’t think Twitter has a fantastic biz plan that will lead to sustainable profits.

Of course, Twitter will certainly sell for some overpriced amount in the near future. There are plenty of clueless media conglomerates who will pick up hopelessly unprofitable web 2.0 startups in order to pretend like they have an “internet strategy.”