TSA targeting General Aviation

There is an article in today’s USA Today about the TSA targeting general aviation.

It looks like the airline lobbyists are gaining influence by having the TSA target general aviation for no reason.

The threat is real, said aviation-security consultant Glen Winn, former United Airlines security chief. Some small airports reserved for private planes “really don’t have a lot of security,” which would make it easy for someone to steal a small jet, Winn said. “There’s a huge window that’s open, and I do believe they’ve got to close that,” Winn added.

Wow, someone can steal a small jet and do what with it? What can someone do with a small jet that cannot be done with a U-haul or even a small car?

The fact of the matter is, GA has not been used in any recorded terrorist attack because it doesn’t make any sense. This is simply a case of the TSA being pushed by lobbyists to fix a non-existent problem.