McCain 2000 vs. McCain 2008

Listening to McCain’s speech tonight, I thought back to when I was a big McCain supporter during the 2000 primary season, when John McCain was running against governor Bush.

Eight years ago, McCain’s policies and his independent nature inspired me to donate to his campaign. Its was my first political donation. Sadly, John McCain lost the primary, thanks to Karl Rove’s dirty politics, and the country has been going downhill since the day Bush took office.

As I listened to his speech, I’m struck by the contrasts of McCain in 2000 vs. McCain in 2008.

John McCain 2000

  • Generally told it to you straight, spoke freely with the press, and avoided being handled by spin doctors.
  • Refused to campaign based on his Vietnam experience, barely mentioned it, and discouraged discussion of it during interviews.
  • Despised the hatred and intolerance pushed by the religious right.
  • Fought for getting big money out of politics
  • Despised soft money and lobbyists
  • A True friend of the environment, pushed for global warming efforts and was against expanded drilling.
  • While not a pacifist, he was generally anti-war, and discouraged nation building.

John McCain 2008

  • Completely filtered and scripted, taking a page from the Rove playbook.
  • Milks his Vietnam experience in an intolerable fashion, pushing his bio, ala John Kerry.
  • Courts the religious right fanatics with his VP pick, panders to people like Falwell.
  • Gladly influenced by big donors and corporations.
  • Has a campaign run by lobbyists
  • Pushes oil drilling, and barely mentions a peep about environmental issues.
  • Pushes war and fear, and continues to defend his foolish pro Iraq war position.

The John McCain running for president today is a shell of the man who ran in 2000. Its quite sad, because if McCain became president in 2000, the United States would have been much better off. Sadly, the 2008 McCain is a continuation of the Bush administration.

  • ork

    My first comment on a blog, ever.
    It’s relieving to read someone’s comparison nutshelled like yours, thanks. I didn’t follow Mccain in the last years but I think now I have a feeling for how he got where he is and why he won’t get much further.

  • asv

    Thanks for the comment ork! He has definitely made a lot of changes in his core beliefs in order to get the nomination.

  • chris hubing

    back in 2000, mccain was also my choice during the primaries and i was 21 years old. i thought GW was a bumbling fool during the primary debates.

  • Leaky Nipples

    You’re forgetting McCain has basically sold himself to the idea of becoming president. He’s like Karl Malone going to the lakers as a shell of himself to try and win the ring.

  • Michael Brice

    Well written.

    His willingness to turn 180 degrees on subjects and lie in bed with the religious right to gain political power is a shame. Particularly when in 1968 he refused to be released from a Vietnam POW camp until all prisoners captured before him were released. He remained a POW until 1973 an additional five years. McCain goes to show any man or woman has their price. I have lost significant respect for him.

  • asv


    I like the Karl Malone analogy!

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