Ubuntu is popular

Ubuntu is popular, popular for a Linux distribution anyway. You think commercial and enterprise Linux distributions would look to Ubuntu for inspiration, but most companies are close minded.

I was in a meeting the other day with some salespeople from Novell, and we were discussing how RPM is essential broken, and its been frozen in time since the late 90’s. I suggested looking at the most popular Linux distribution for inspiration on packaging.

The salespeople looked puzzled, What distribution is that? “Ubuntu” I said.. From the looks on their faces, I think a few of them were questioning Ubuntu’s popularity.

Here is the data from Google trends..

ubuntu is popular Google trends.

Basically, if you take every other popular Linux distribution and combine them, it might equal Ubuntu’s share. Now, your typical sales person would say, “well that’s because they give it away for free!” Sadly, the lack of a price tag has nothing to with Ubuntu’s popularity. Fedora has been around a lot longer (for free) and has more money thrown at it, but Ubuntu still leads.

Redhat and Novell should take a hard look at Debian and Ubuntu, they could probably learn a few things about what makes a good Linux distribution.

  • Mike

    Amen, Brother!

  • JG

    Oh dear. Another person who doesn’t realize that Ubuntu is a repackaged Debian. That package manager was written by Debian developers, for Debian.

  • http://alexvalentine.org asv

    RE: JG..

    How am I not aware that Ubuntu is based off Debian? Thats a pretty ill-informed comment, considering THIS SERVER is running Debian. 🙂

  • The Truth Hurts

    You are absolutely correct. I believe Ubuntu/Canonical is quietly taking the world by storm, and the stats prove it. Let’s face it – it is the ONLY linux distro I’ve managed to (a) install at all; and (b) use with ease everything it has to offer.

  • John Mitas

    “Word by storm” ? what world are you talking about, certainly not Earth!

    Any type of Linux distribution has no chance against Windows or Leopard. Unless your a geek that knows what Ubuntu is the ordinary person will never install this crap.

    ha ha ha ha…. Ubuntu users , you guys make me laugh!!!! ha ha ha ha

  • Kriss

    Thank you very much John, you proved your retardation for us all. Why bother reading sites like this when you dont care? Grow up…