“Maverick” Economics

Barack Obama’s lead is growing nationwide, so what can McCain do? The economy is spinning out of control, but its obvious that McCain has no compelling ideas, so his only lifeline is mudslinging. John McCain wants people to fear Obama, by playing the “character assassination by association” game.

Its a reckless attempt to stop the bleeding by McCain, just like picking Palin for the VP slot. Its very reckless, when you consider that John McCain was at the center one of the biggest financial crises in the history of our nation. Not only a financial disaster, but a severe lapse in ethics by senator McCain.

Its obvious, that McCain has yet to learn from his past mistakes.

  • PM

    Keating was “one of the biggest financial crises in the history of our nation”? A personal association with a banker, for which an ethics probe led by Democrats cleared him of any wrongdoing? Interesting idea. If only history were flexible to fit our ideas.

    Kind of ironic, isn’t it, that drudging up a 25 year old relationship to a banker who was a minor player in the overall S&L collapse of the 1980’s is fair game, but bringing up the domestic terrorist from whose home the Obamassiah launched his very first political battle, or the raving, insane, racist pastor whose pews he sat in for 20 years, or the Chicago slumlord from whom he purchased real estate and secured sweet city housing deals, is “mudslinging”?

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    RE: PM

    The S&L crisis was one of the biggest financial crises in the history of the nation, do you research.

    The ethics probe was a joke, and it only cleared him of doing anything illegal. (there wasn’t enough evidence)

    Obama served with Ayer’s on the Annenburg board with republicans, his association is completely overblown, along with the Resko crap.

    McCain has no real ideas, except for 4 more years of failed policies, so his only option is to make Obama look scary.

    It hasn’t worked..