Novell has just released a new web page for Hula, an open source groupware project. Novell is quickly becoming one of my favorite corporations. Last week, they brought up a new site for iFolder, their file sharing software/filesystem. Both products have a huge amount of potential, especially Hula. A real open source alternative to exchange is needed, badly. At work I’m forced to use an overpriced and incompatible calendaring system from Oracle.

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  1. /dev/null » Blog Archive » Novel Dumps the Hula Project November 28, 2006 2:08 pm 

    […] The root of the hype surrounding this Hula project’s intial announcement, was that a proven, well known company is going to create inter operable open source groupware with commercial support. Looks like Novel took a very half-hearted effort at Hula. I tried Hula out a few months ago, and it doesn’t even sync with evolution yet, let alone outlook. […]

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