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I was very excited when Lance Armstrong announced that he was going to return to professional cycling, and attempt to win another Tour de France. A few weeks later, Lance started throwing curveballs to the press, indicating that he might not ride in the Tour de France.

Now, Lance has confirmed that he will be riding in the Tour de France, but in a supporting role? I’m sorry, but if his true goal is bring as much awareness to cancer as possible, than his best bet is to not bother with the Giro and race to win the Tour de France.

In the past, Armstrong famously ignored the other major cycling events in order to concentrate on winning the tour. If Armstrong is not going to race to win the tour, than he might as well not bother showing up. Nobody wants to see an over-publicized parade lap.

I’ve never been a fan of Lance Armstrong, but his now confirmed comeback plan is huge for cycling.

If he is semi-competive at his age, it would be impressive. If he actually wins the TDF, it would probably go down as the greatest athletic accomplishment, or at least in the top-5.

This time he would have to win clean, since the drug testing has really stepped up since Lance was destroying the competition a few years ago. If Lance were to win in 2009, every accomplishment he did before would be considered legitimate.

“And, granted, I’ll be totally honest with you, the year that I won the Tour, many of the guys that got 2nd through 10th, a lot of them are gone. Out. Caught. Positive Tests. Suspended. Whatever. … And so I can understand why people look at that and go, Well, [they] were caught — and you weren’t?” he told Vanity Fair. “So there is a nice element here where I can come with really a completely comprehensive program and there will be no way to cheat.”

Now all we need is a Landis comeback, and I will book my tickets for France.