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Obama has a lot of people to thank for his decisive victory over John McCain this week. One demographic that was critical for Obama was newly registered Democrats and independents.

People like me switched registration to Democrat in order to support Obama during the primary race. States like Pennsylvania require party affiliation in order to vote in the primary.

Now that the election is over, I have no real reason to remain registered as a Democrat. While I’ve been an early and loyal supporter of Obama, I don’t really have a lot of respect for most of my local and state Democratic politicians. I refuse to support or vote for Democrats like Ed Rendell and Paul Kanjorski.

For a long time, the Republican party was boosted by Democrats who changed registration to vote for Ronald Reagan. Reagan Democracts are long gone, thanks to the idiotic policies of the last eight years.

Can the Democratic party hang on to Obamacrats like me? Time will tell, but the Republican party will need to do a complete 180 in order to appeal to Obamacrats. If politicians like Palin are the future of the Republican party, than the Democrats don’t have much to worry about.