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Since I started cycling a few years ago, I’ve really enjoyed the challenge of climbing hills. My home region of Northeastern Pennsylvania has some great climbs for the mid-Atlantic region.

Giant’s Despair

Giant’s Despair is the most severe gradient I’ve ever ridden. Don’t let the 6% fool you, there are long sections of 20% make this the toughest climb I’ve ever ridden in PA. I would highly recommend compact gearing and big cassette.

Red Rock Mountain
Red Rock is a tough climb because there is simply no place to rest. Its a straight climb with a headwall averaging 15% for at least a mile.

Plymouth Mountain
Plymouth mountain is a convenient climb since its easily accessible from the greater Wilkes Barre area. Coming from the valley is a challenging climb that averages 9%.

Bunker Hill
Close to Plymouth Mountain is Bunker Hill, which is not as severe as Plymouth but a very enjoyable climb.

If John McCain is to have any shot at winning the election, he needs to win Pennsylvania. Any feasible winning state combination for McCain includes Pennsylvania. The state of Pennsylvania has not voted for a Republican president since Ronald Regan.

Can John McCain win Pennsylvania? “You betcha.” More than any other state, race will play a factor in Pennsylvania voting. Pennsylvania has the second oldest population in the country, only surpassed by the state of Florida. The older a voter is, the greater likelihood of race being a factor in their voting decision.

The polling shows Obama leading in Pennsylvania by 7%, but that number will definitely tighten before Tuesday. Oddly enough, if McCain loses the election he can point to Sarah Palin as the #1 reason why. Palin has completed destroyed any support McCain had among the educated suburban white middle class women voters of Pennsylvania. McCain’s desperate attempt to appeal to women voters has completely backfired.

No matter who you intend on voting for this Tuesday, it is imperative that you go out and vote. This will be the most important election of your lifetime.