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Early in the fall, it was an unusually hot September day. I got home from work and went up to my office. I didn’t have the AC on, and so I went to flick the AC on in order to keep my file server cool.

The surge of AC turning on caused the power supply in my file server to explode, sending a huge blast of smoke through the room. All my hard drives, the RAID card, and the motherboard were destroyed.

1TB of data went down with this machine. All my music, pictures, and videos. Fortunately, much of the data was stored on other systems, but let this be a friendly reminder that RAID is not a backup solution. Depending on the health of one system or even one location for your data is not an option.

RAID != Backup

As a company, Sun may be getting close to needing life support, but their new storage product is very nice.

A good blog about how Sun is using SSD’s in this device.

Eweek’s Writeup

Its easy to see why Network Appliance is suing Sun, this product is probably a huge wake up call for Netapp. Unless you are using their products for legacy reasons, I don’t see why anyone would be buying Netapp at this point.

Now, if only Sun would port ZFS to Linux..