Adventures in Bureaucracy

Some of you might remember how I need to get a bunch of shots, because I changed my degree status. Well initially I thought I would just contact my old doctor and get my medical records. Well my old doctor left the state, like thousands of other doctors because of Pennsylvania’s insane tort laws. Basically, the cost of malpractice insurance in the state of PA is insanely high because the state politicians are in the pocket of trial lawyers who make millions off of frivolous lawsuits.

So my old doctor left, but another doctor took over his practice. Within 2 years the new doctor also fled the state of Pennsylvania. A third doctor took over the practice of the previous two, but the new doctor did not take any non-active medical records. So I have absolutely no idea where my medical records are located. During this span of three years I went to a doctor in State College, but I never bothered getting my records.

So I made the decision to go ahead and get a new doctor in the Malvern area and just get the shots. Well the first thing I needed to do is find a doctor. Unfortunately, I might be better off throwing darts because there is really no decent tools for evaluating physicians. One site offers reports for $15 a pop, but its not like I need the world’s greatest doctor. So I just used my HMO’s website to get a list of potential primary care physicians.

So I attempted to call up my HMO, but nearly every number is busy. This is one of the largest HMO’s in the business, but apparently they cannot afford a half decent phone system. After nearly a hundred attempts, I finally get through to a human who tells me that I need to contact the individual physicians and see if they are accepting patients. So after about 10 calls, I find two board certified doctors nearby that are accepting patients and got their degrees from medical schools I can pronounce.

My one co-worker recommended checking our company’s HR system to see whether or not I can switch my primary from the internal system instead of trying to call 100 times to get through to the HMO. I log in to the system and go to the employee profile page. The page shows my status as: TERMINATED . Apparently someone either forgot to file my contract or the contract never arrived to the HR office.

At the moment I am waiting to hear back from HR and I am unable to get through to the HMO. I am also unable to register for school until I get some vaccinations that I already received two decades ago.

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  1. Karen January 4, 2006 9:44 pm 

    Alex, I wish you took better care of yourself by having yearly exam’s.

    With Love


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